Matt Wallden | Secrets of Core Function – Workshop
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Secrets of Core Function – Workshop



Secrets of Core Function – Infant Development, Motor Learning & Why the Core is “unknown”

Health and fitness professionals often have erroneous knowledge around core function.  With warring factions, opposing opinions, watering down of complex topics and reluctance for researchers to investigate this area adequately, much of core function is still poorly understood.

Across his 21 year journey in this field, Matt has found that sometimes to move forward, we have to look backwards… back to our individual development and deep into our evolutionary past.

In this 90 minute workshop, Matt will provide insight from his studies of neurodevelopmental processes, with many clinical gems and applied practical tips you can take away with you to use in the gym, clinic and everyday life.

The understanding provided in this workshop really helps to connect the dots between many facets of health, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

Format: The evening will start with a presentation and will breakout into various practical drills, concluding with an open Q&A, for 90 minutes in total.

Date/Time: Friday 16th November, 19:30-21:00

Venue: Elitcenter, Malmo

Investment: £25

To capitalise on this unique opportunity to help more clients to better results and expand your understanding, secure your place here.  All participant will receive free access to the webinars “The Core” and “Infant Development & Motor Learning”, worth £70.

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