Matt Wallden | Fitness Professionals & Health Professionals
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Fitness Professionals & Health Professionals


We offer a range of services to FitPro’s and Healthcare professionals; from Live webinars, and clinical observation, to downloadable education series and one-on-one or group mentoring.


Live Webinars

Live webinars are put on regularly by; a list of upcoming webinars is available here.

The typical format is a 1-hour presentation with around 30 minutes for Q&A.

Topics vary widely from sports injuries or applied anatomy, to clinical approaches and performance conditioning.  All webinars include an additional free support materials including a pdf of the slides and a free research article


Clinical Observation / Shadowing

observationThis is available only at the discretion of incoming patients.  Since we offer a premium product, we charge premium prices and feel therefore that it is only fair to offer prospective patients the opportunity of a 10% price saving on the overall cost of their care if they are being shadowed.  This balance is made up by the observing student(s).

For illustrative purposes, if a patient were to attend for a 4-day C.H.E.K. IV Assessment, this would cost the observing student(s) £112.50 per day.


Guest Clinics

clinic visitAcross the years, Matt has consulted for clinics and gyms all around the UK – and abroad.

Matt will travel to your clinic or gym to work directly with clients that may have particularly challenging cases.  For more details, click here.



Downloadable Education

Students Say Human Connection is Missing in Online EducationThis is a developing area.  Currently we have downloadable education from the 2016 Matt Wallden Webinar Series the 2 conferences held by Primal Lifestyle: Barefoot Connections Conference 2012 and Barefoot Connections 2013, including speakers such as Paul Chek, Stacey Lei Krauss, Barefoot Ted, Lee Saxby and Louis Liebenberg.  These, and future education, are downloadable from Primal Lifestyle’s Vimeo page, here.


Mentorship Programs

For many years now, Matt has delivered CPD and one-to-one  or group mentoring for a range of professional colleagues here and abroad.mentor-mentee

Frequently, colleagues from a more clinical background find that their exercise rehabilitation and command of acute exercise variables / program design are areas where understanding can be broadened; whereas colleagues with a fitness background, the clinical and sometimes anatomical fields of knowledge are most fertile for growth.

To review which program may work best for you, click here.