Matt Wallden | FC2O Episode 4 – Dr Sherri Tenpenny Show Notes
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FC2O Episode 4 – Dr Sherri Tenpenny Show Notes

0:00. Introduction

2:00.  Prelude

General Infection Incidence Trends for diphtheria, whooping cough & measles – with vaccine introduction dates. Trends for scarlet fever and typhoid for which there is no vaccine.

Quoting direct from the World Health Organization‘s website:

‘Diseases had already begun to disappear before vaccines were introduced, because of better hygiene and sanitation’.

Statements like this are very common in anti-vaccine literature, the intent apparently being to suggest that vaccines are not needed. Improved socioeconomic conditions have undoubtedly had an indirect impact on disease. Better nutrition, not to mention the development of antibiotics and other treatments, have increased survival rates…

…But looking at the actual incidence of disease over the years can leave little doubt of the significant direct impact vaccines have had, even in modern times.

For example, there have been periodic peaks and valleys throughout the years, but the real, permanent drop in measles incidence coincided with the licensure and wide use of measles vaccine beginning in 1963.”

How does an independent researcher reconcile this statement from the WHO in the context of the graph above?

11:46. Welcome

12:34. Cognitive dissonance

Don’t let your schooling get in the way of your education” Mark Twain
One of my all-time favourite images from Paul Chek (2001). Sometimes we are trained what to think rather than how to think… Where there are highly profitable vested interests, we are often entrained in what to think.

14:35. Involving your children…

16:00. Sherri’s background

19:00. National vaccine information centre conference 

  • The general recommendations of vaccination paper 1998
  • The CDC’s only references are the cdc?

21:40. 10,000 medical papers questioning vaccination

22:45. Dr Janet Levatin

24:34. Research on aluminum toxicity

  • Ingested aluminium versus injected aluminium
  • Macrophages, mercury, aluminium (and 200 other chemicals)
  • Macaque monkeys study – showing objected mercury accumulated in the brain
  • Nanoparticles- when small things have big effects

28:44 Steel man’ing

  • Vaccinations success
  • Disease versus infection
  • Death rate from measles

33:20 World health organisation: vaccine resistance as seventh biggest threat

  • Vaccinated but still infected
  • When in nature are you exposed to 7 or 8 pathogens all at the same time?
  • Optimal health vs chronic disease

36:15 Change takes time or tragedy

38:38 A multi-generational indoctrination

  • Co-opting young parents
  • Immune as a synonym for vaccinated

39:35. Herd Immunity

  • Only real when applies to natural infection
  • 55% infection levels 
  • Activating the right pathway is key
  • Engaging pathogen by toll-like receptors on your TH1 pathways – calls in macrophages – starts a cytokine cascade – Elevates fever – excites macrophages further.
  • Antibodies are NOT what’s required for immunity

46:02. Facing the heat – Fever’s Role

  • Paracetamol blocks glutathione
  • Water, homeopathy, vitamin C

51:05. The weight of research.

  • “If there’s anydoubt, there’s nodoubt”
  • 300 inborn errors of metabolism
  • Genetic screening… available, but unused
  • Family history
  • Skin testing
  • 2yoa for detox

54:30. Hitting herd immunity

  • The unknown cost of vaccine injury

56:32. Thimerosal – 49% Mercury

  • Ethyl v.s Methyl mercury
  • Macaque study
  • Cancer, Type I diabetes, Neurological problems
  • Pharmaceutical Industry $1.2trillion per year.
  • Thimerosal “removed” from vaccines – the ‘language’ of mercury

1:05:55. Adjuvants

1:10:00. The MMR & Wakefield

  • Not Wakefield… but the media
  • Recycling a 20-year old story
  • Paul Offat Rotavirus Vaccine
  • Individual infection titres

1:14:51. Developmental Regression post-vaccine

  • Vaxxed
  • 250,000 emails… an anecdote…

1:19:08. Autism incidence in exponential growth

  • What could be driving it?

1:22:15. The Gates Foundation…

  • Population control
  • Kierkegaard “if you label me”…

1:24:32. Live v.s Non-Live Vaccines

  • Live = training effect
  • None-live = no training effect / other side effects

1:27:20.  Nutrition – a forgotten factor?

  • Hysteria about very specific pathogens

1:32:12. Hygeine 

  • Always about the terrain… never about the bug
  • Harvard: clean water

138:03. Research Conclusions

  • Systematic Reviews as “Gold Standard”
  • Endemic bias
Professor Ioannidis, of Stanford University, pioneered the field of “Meta-research” – in other words, research of research. To learn more about him see:
Ioannidis, J., 2016. The mass production of redundant, misleading, and conflicted
systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Milbank Q. 94 (3), 485-514, 2016.

1:42:34. Lived experience v.s “Published Research”

1:45:59. How to access Sherri:


1:48:27. ENDS