Matt Wallden | FC2O Episode 24 – Helen Hall (Part 2) Show Notes
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FC2O Episode 24 – Helen Hall (Part 2) Show Notes

Helen Hall – of Perpetual Forward Motion

3:53 Running in MBT’s (Masai Barefoot Technology)

6:16 MBT’s for lymphatic and biomechanical function

13:40. Introduction to Newton Running shoes

17:43. Introduction to Vibram Fivefingers: A foot was now being given the chance to be a foot…

18:38. DOMS and making the transition to barefoot!

  • The body’s immense adaptability

24:39. The nervous system’s role in gait.

28:15. Moving from Newton’s into Fivefingers

  • “Joyous”

31:44. Toes for traction…

  • The joy of barefoot in nature

33:35. Waking up the feet for function

  • Passivity of feet in shoes

34:06. Steven Lord – an N=1 example of documented foot growth

  • Hypertrophy and big feet
  • Atrophy and “small & dainty”
Helen’s Crystal Encrusted Vibram Fivefinger Wedding Shoes!

40:33. 2008: Is the world ready for barefoot shoes?

  • Sparkly Vibram Fivefingers for getting married

43:15. Helen’s Audio Programmes:

  • 2011 Met pop star, Kirsty Hawkshaw
  • “Fly, Fly, Fly” (200 steps per minute)
  • “Flow, Flow, Flow,” / “On-the-ground, off-the-ground” (190 steps per minute)
  • Barefoot Goddess Trilogy and Apollo Trilogy
  • The Power of Walking
  • Less is definitely more

48:34. Pose Running

  • Efficiency decreases… Conscious overlay?
  • Minimal Footwear use in elite athletes improves efficiency…
  • … so long as you don’t provide coaching
  • Cuing – useful in specific cases eg retained ATNR reflex
  • Walk before you run!!

58:42. How Helen assesses her clients

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A) the heel strike as “pole vault”
  • Diers High Performance Formetric 4D Scanner
  • More accuracy than an X-Ray, but in motion – up to 25km/hr
  • Human eye 8-30Hertz (frames/sec) : Scanner = 240Hertz (frames/sec)
  • Impact transient – medial tibial stress syndrome
  • The pole-vaulting analogy

1:08:10. Breast Biomechanics and Gait

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Bare-Buttocks-Breasts-Webinar.png

1:14:03. Foot strike as a spectrum

  • Ordinal rather than nominal

1:17:54. Coaching technique

  • Folding arms facilitating transverse plane and sling systems
  • Dimensional Mastery
  • Persistence hunt
  • Andrew Taylor Still
  • The importance of bones in movement
  • Kinematic chains and transfer of movement
  • Amphibian reflex
  • Reintegrating Movement Patterns

1:24:10. Persistence Hunt – Perpetual Forward Motion

  • Hill running
  • 7 Secrets of Success – Dharma / Your purpose
  • The Joy of Running

128:35. Training

  • CHEK / AiM
  • Even with your shoes on – Helen’s book
  • Perpetual Forward Motion (PFM)
  • Infinity – not reaching any potential, but building potential
  • Connect an action with a feeling with a thought
  • Pyramid of coaching
  • From 26,000-word manual to 105,000-word book, with QR Codes!
  • PFM Coaches
  • Joint mechanics as binary & objective, rather than opinion-based
  • Value in everything…
  • The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

1:38:18. From Chaos to Order

  • “Notice stuff”
  • Don’t try harder
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1:40:36. Finding HelenList

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