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Whether you Believe, We Believe In You.

  • If your case is complex, unremitting or requires a high degree of fine-tuning, then we recommend the comprehensive assessment services described below. The hourly rate for this approach is £175.
  • If you are looking for quick, accessible customized information at a lower investment level, then we have several services available here.
  • If your goal is to get some high-level qualified advice to try for yourself, then we have free offerings to meet those needs here.

Latest Insights and upcoming Webinars with Matt Wallden.

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  • [URIS id=15] We believe in YOU. We believe in you… in your individuality, in your ability to heal yourself, and in your ability to express yourself to your fullest potential.  Whatever that may be. Our role is to help you identify that, and find the...

  • After the great success of the 2016 monthly webinar series, we will continue to host webinars in 2017, though in our market survey we have had more requests for workshops and one-to-one mentoring. As such, we are offering a Power Series of 4 webinars this year,...

  • Bruce Tulloh, former European 5000m champion and Barefoot legend passed away this week at the age of 82.  Tributesto him and his life’s achievements can be found all over the web already. I first met Bruce in 2011 when, in my then-role as Vibram’s UK...


2017 Power Series Webinar #3, Thu 7th Sep 2017

Book here to secure your place for the webinar, and you will receive a free copy of the papers “Laterality (2011)”, “The Middle Crossed Syndrome – New Insights into Core Function (2014)”, and “Assessing & Correcting the Middle Crossed Syndrome (2014)” by Matt Wallden, worth $31.50 each.

In this webinar Matt will describe:

The biomechanical patterns he has observed over the last 2 decades. What the research says about laterality and handedness patterns. What Janda was missing in his description of muscle imbalances: the “middle crossed syndrome”. How to assess & correct these findings to minimise injury risk and optimise performance.

We have over 15 Webinars and Conferences available online!

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