Matt Wallden | FC2O Episode 12 – Phill Beach Show Notes
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FC2O Episode 12 – Phill Beach Show Notes

Phill Beach’s Helical Contractile Field (note this is right-handed field; the same field extends and inter-blends to the left).

0:00. Introduction

5:18. Phill’s globe-trekking childhood & professional training

Phill Beach

7:21. Acupuncture – a different cultural perspective

8:43  Trusting that the Chinese were mapping “something”

9:24. Fields versus lines / chains / trains etc…

11:17. Embryology, axes, meridians & border control

What were the Chinese mapping 2000 years ago?

13:39. Translatory models

16:15. Archetypal Rest PosturesThe Erectorcises, and standing upright

The deep squat

21:27. Tuning the body with Rest Postures

22:45. Longevity recipe: Get rid of your furniture & return to the floor

European journal of preventive cardiology

26:01. Clinical application of Archetypal Rest Postures & Erectorcises

27:30. Deep squatting… with a weight…. Lowly Origin (Kingdon)

28:55. Tuning – homeostatic postures

32:08. The importance of Brachiation

Kelleman’s depiction of ontogeny (infant development) recapitulating – or mimicking – phylogeny (evolutionary development)

36:20. Embryology and “getting it”.  

39:31. Linking the Sensory Platform & Contractile Fields

  • Your feet aren’t the bottom of you…
  • Limbs as appendages & amplifiers

43:49. Information Superhighway – the Wolffian or Apical Ectodermal Ridge

  • the Reptilian Reflexes
  • the fin line
The Wolffian (or Apical Ectodermal) Ridge

47:59. The Wolffian Ridge, Feet & Low Back Function

  • Models as theory-driven treasure maps
  • Using your plantar fascia in the way it was supposed to be used
  • L4-5 & S1 real-time data stream
  • In praise of dorsiflexion

53:54. Sensory Organs embedded in Contractile Fields

The Lateral Field

57:07. To understand the tissues, we have to break down tissue fascism.

  • “Fields” versus specific tissues
  • Whole organism perspective

1:00:47. Analogy & Metaphor in teaching technique

  • The kebab technique
  • Putting people “in the round”
  • TCM elements

1:06:47. Redirecting the world of MSK medicine

  • Prevention versus treatment
  • Barefoot living
  • Placing a value on floor life
  • Ropes & Recovery
  • Limber tables

1:10:40. The Primal Blueprint: stretching & blood sugar regulation

  • the nervous system, creep & ergonomics
  • Mark Sisson podcast with Matt

1:13:38. Hell’s kitchen?! Or the great outdoors?

1:15:07. Muscles & Meridians – the manipulation of shape.

Phill’s amazing book
  • Papers by Phill “The Contractile Field – A new model of movement” (available for immediate download to delegates of our workshop)

To learn more about Phill’s work you can explore his site here:

1:16:31. Wellington Workshop… if you’re keen to join us for this exciting and insightful 2-day practical workshop, or would like more details, you can book your place here.

2-Day Workshop, March 2020, Wellington, NZ.


Immediately following the workshop with Phill, I will be headed up to Auckland to deliver a 2-day Seminar called 2020 Vision – Putting Persistent Pain Behind Us in the Next Decade, at UNITEC. If you’d like to find out more, or to book your place, please click here.