Matt Wallden | FC2O Episode 13 – Monica Gagliano Show Notes
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FC2O Episode 13 – Monica Gagliano Show Notes

0:00. Introduction

Monica Gagliano with some of her plants

4:18. Monica’s early life

8:19. Working with Nemo’s cousin (Damsels in distress)

Damsel Fish

8:51. Family(ar) and killing in the scientific method

11:41. The fish and intention / in-tension

14:35. A myth in science

15:03. The crux of the problem: they’re people!

17:31. It’s in the relating…

21:38. Everything is a flow of energy and information

23:07. Closed computer-based views of cognition

25:39. Cognition is not a property, it is a process

27:35. Clashing of models.

  • Throw away your data because our theory is right…

28:58. Oryngham

31:13. Sacred listening.  

  • Science as part of our natural being.
  • Deferring to authority

34:47. Ignoring experience & wisdom in science

39:00. Conversations with Socoba

  • It is through blood that we are all connected…  
  • “The wisdom is in the oxygen and the blood is the great connector

46:45. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

  • Bringing an animal view into the world of plant research
  • Resistance from the scientific community
  • Scepticism vs cynicism
The Chilli Experiment

55:37. Mimosa – the super rock star!

  • Polarities in opinion, transcendence and integration
  • Behaviour versus Learning
  • Moving at the speed of sight
  • Habituation
  • “No plants were harmed”
  • Anthropocentrization…
The Mimosa plant-drop experiment

1:05:15. What did you eat for dinner 1 month ago?

  • How plants access “memory”
  • Morphogenic fields

1:07:14. Putting Sheldrake to the test…

1:08:11. Pea brain

  • Post-doctorate research design… by a plant
  • Associative (Pavlovian) learning – a level up the consciousness scale from habituation
  • 3 days to mastery
  • Habituation – not just in the animal domain
  • Understanding value through experience = learning
  • You may not like it, but this is the truth.
  • Unscientific scientists

1:16:16. Models of conscious development. 

  • Archaic
  • Magical / animistic
  • Mythic
  • Scientific Materialistic
  • Ecologic / Pluralistic / Post-Modern
  • Integrated
Wilber’s Model of Conscious Development

1:19:02 Alan Watt’s Magnet

  • Are you in the polarity? The neutrality? Or outside the magnet?
  • Transcending the story

1:22:14. Tobacco.

  • The dieta…
  • The big boss
  • Opening the doors of perception
  • The plant as teacher
  • Suffocating in our own story
  • Lungs and grief
  • Pneumonia – the physical manifestation of grief
  • That’s my job

1:31:01. A fungal apprenticeship

1:33:37. Healing the root cause of humanity’s pain – separation

  • Depression
  • Isolation
  • Social media
  • Ego-state v.s Observer state
  • Aloneness or All-one-ness?
  • There is only one body – one Self
  • self-transcendence

1:37:35. Reconciliation & Integration

  • Get out there and get your hands dirty
  • Follow your passion / your one love
  • Fall in love with the things that really give you joy
  • Give
  • You are supported all the time
  • We need YOU!
  • Fore-give-ness
  • You are vital

1:41:35. Thus spoke the plant… by Monica Gagliano (and her plant friends)

To learn more about Monica and her work, head over to