Matt Wallden | FC2O Show Notes
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FC2O Show Notes

For each episode, we endeavour to put out show notes where you can get a quick view of the key topics discussed and their time-stamp; as well as to offer one or two links here and there, promo codes and imagery to help illustrated key points.

Each #FC2O episode has it’s own tab for ease of navigation; and each episode can be played from its show notes page, or through Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Spotify. Enjoy the show! Here we go…

FC2O Episode 2 – Bill Wolcott Show Notes

0:00. Introduction

3:04. “The most naturopathic book I’ve ever read”

5:19. How Bill discovered Metabolic Typing

8:20. “The Cancer Doctor”… Kelley

9:30. Before Metabolic Typing

9:50. The trials of trouble-shooting

12:23. Nutrition & Your Mind… Everything you know is wrong!!

13:34. Kelley & the Autonomic Nervous System

The autonomic nervous system: When SNS (sympathetic nervous system) activity is high, PNS (parasympathetic nervous system) activity is low, and vice-versa.
Image (C) Paul Chek (2001). More detail can be found in Chek, P. 2003. How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy. Publisher: CHEK Institute, CA, USA.

15:25. The wrong question?

16:38. The Dominance Factor…

The dominance factor posits that each of us is more dominant in either our Autonomic Nervous System, or in our Oxidative System. Which system we are dominant in will dictate our response to certain nutrients (see below).

19:40. The effect of food or nutrients is not what you think

20:20. Fundamental Homeostatic Control Systems

  • Autonomic balance (and flux)
  • Carbo-oxidative balance
  • Lipo-oxidative balance-
  • Electrolyte balance
  • Acid-Alkaline balance
  • Prostaglandin balance
  • Blood Type
  • Constitutional Type
  • Endocrine type 
  • Neurotransmitter balance
The effect of nutrients on the Autonomic Nervous System: If your ANS is well balanced (1.) then you are exposed to either sympathetic stressors (2.) or parasympathetic stressors (3.) your body has the adaptive capacity to absorb the stressors. However, metabolic typing has identified that some people are more sympathetic to begin with (4.) – or may be more parasympathetic; so then adding a nutrient, such as calcium (Ca2+) will stimulate the sympathetic system further sending you deeper into imbalance. (See grab-bag protocol image below)

22:13. Specific stimulatory or inhibitory effects of nutrients

25:21. Grab-bag protocols

In his book, The Metabolic Typing diet, Wolcott explains how different nutrients exert different effects on the systems of the body – calcium, for example, stimulates the sympathetic system, inhibits the parasympathetic system, and decreases the oxidation rate. Hence calcium supplementation or high calcium foods would be inappropriate for someone who is sympathetic dominant type, but good for a fast oxidiser. Most “grab-bag” nutritional protocols do not take this awareness into account.
Image (C) Paul Chek (2001). More detail can be found in Chek, P. 2003. How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy. Publisher: CHEK Institute, CA, USA.

26:10. Diseases are not the problem

  • You cannot treat arthritis by treating arthritis…
  • Local cellular function
  • Defence or Failed Defence?
  • When defence fails, adaptation fails
  • When adaptation fails, function fails
  • Disease as a symptom of deeper underlying dysfunction

30:50. Why Scientific research is so confusing

33:00. The importance of whole-system thinking

33:59. Diet books

36:10. Making sense of metabolic typing

  • Evolution
  • Migration
  • Adaptation

39:21. Nutritional genetic requirements

41:18. Exceptions to rules – and avoiding the absolutes

42:17. Blood Typing & Lectins as a passive influence

46:38. Food is more potent than medicine

  • Are green drinks healthy?

48:43. Harmonic effect of food

Borrowed from CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach training. See for more information.
Organic whole foods provide living healthy cells and tissues that resonate with our own body and create better harmony from the disharmony of injury or illness. Borrowed from CHEK Institute, Holistic Lifestyle Coach training. For more information go to

51:58. It’s all about balancing fundamental homeostatic control systems

54:22. Synthesizing & integrating information

  • issues with linear thinking and linear protocols

57:29. Weight optimisation with Metabolic Typing

103:21. Blocking factors & allostatic load

106:15. Metabolic Typing, sports performance & work capacity

1:10:34. Paleo pro’s & con’s

  • Paleo diets for different metabolic types
  • Evolution doesn’t just stop

1:17:55. Genetic Nutritional Testing

  • Genotype vs phenotype
  • Epigenetic expression & the environment
  • Genes & protein manufacture
  • Human genome project
  • Tumours, pH and epigenetic adaptability
  • The fallacy of treating based on genotype

1:26:00. The Microbiome & MT

  • Cascades of adverse reactions

1:30:56. Metabolic Typing – too simple to be true?

Metabolic Typing – simplicity on the “other” side of complexity.

1:33:21. Nature is infinitely complex, but there’s simplicity at every level

  • Principle of least action
  • Metabolic individuality is real
  • 2 Principles of Metabolic Typing

1:36:15. Simplicity in the complexity

  • Organic foods
  • Learning to listen to your body

1:39:29. Beyond Macro’s

1:42:00. Micronutrients & supplementation

  • Is food alone enough?

1:43:58. Foods as “attractors”

1:44:57. Foundational metabolic processes

1:46:36. The future of nutrition & holistic health

1:48:18. Closing words

1:52:05. ENDS


FC2O Episode 1 – Mark Sisson Show Notes

0:00. Introduction

2:46. Mark’s journey into Paleo

8:33. Mark’s athletic training goals

Mark Sisson

10:45. The body’s innate overtraining protection

11:50. Paleo providing order from chaos

18.29. Simple solutions to health challenges

20:20. When in doubt, go back to the genes

21:30. Who were Mark’s key influences in the Paleo field?

23:55. Which current Paleo authorities does Mark resonate with?

26:10. The Carnivore Diet

27:06. What mistakes has Mark seen in the Paleo world?

  • Saturated fats
  • Keto

29:16. Barefoot running

  • NOTE: For anyone wanting to safely transition to barefoot running, you can use our transition calculator – formulated during 10 years of working with Vibram Fivefingers as their UK Distributor (use password client-resource-page to access).
  • Phylogeny v.s Ontogeny
When considering a Paleo approach it’s important to take into account not just the massive weight of evolutionary adaptation (phylogeny) on the one side, but also the weight of the individual’s own development and adaptations (ontogeny) on the other.

34:13. The Business side of Paleo

37:  Primal Kitchen

35:55. The Primal Health Coach training

37:21. Mark’s goals from day 1

41:00. The importance of having a life purpose

42:42. Who wants to live forever?

43:53. How Mark rehab’ed his Achille’s injury

  • The importance of connective tissue in the diet

51:33. Who’s embraced the Paleo approach?

55:00. You’re infinitely more complex than a car…

  • The importance of coaching
  • NOTE: the webinar “But we’re infinitely more complex than a car” is available from here.

57:19. The future of Paleo

59:20. Where to learn more about Mark’s work.

1:01:50. Mark’s special gift to FC2O listeners, upcoming free webinar.

  • Offer code: MATT500 (expires July 6th 2019).
  • The free webinar “Modern Disintegration – Primal Connectivity” is available to you here – at 8pm BST (3pm Eastern / 12pm Pacific), Weds 10th July 2019.
  • The papers written by Mark and Matt are published in the Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies and cost $31.50 each to download. However, they’re available for free on the following share-links until July 4th 2019:

• Modern Disintegration – Primal Connectivity, Editorial Paper:

• Biomechanical Attractors A Paleolithic Prescription for Tendinopathy & Glycemic Control, Practical Paper:

1:03:15. ENDS


FC2O Preview Show Notes

0:00  Introduction: Aims of the podcast – challenges of living in the information age

1:50. Evidence-Based Medicine and its challenges

4:20. Possible solutions to information overload: Meta-analysis & Systematic Review

6:10. Flaws with the current paradigm

8:10. Researching research! … Uh-oh!

11:24. Key Principle & Core Models

12:00. Phill Beach and Attractor States

16:43. Order emerging from chaos

17:25. Modelling: maps for understanding

18:42. Simplicity in the complexity

Simplicity / Complexity Curve & the process of Mastery

20:50. Experts getting “stuck”

21:18. Mastery, analogy & metaphor

23:17. Paul Chek: Health is simple – it’s disease which is complex

25:55. Jordan Peterson: the brain and how it reflects reality

28:25. Evolution & Mark Sisson

29:53. Barefoot Ted, Minimalism and how we were born to run…

32:23. Finding a path through contradictory research & evidence

Cutting a path through a sea of research confusion
The 3.6m year old footprints you see are from Laetoli in Africa; one of the earliest signs of our bipedal origins. This is superimposed on a CGI of the parting of the Red Sea…
The message: for enlightenment, walk the path of evolutionary research – as Dobzhiansky said, “Nothing in Biology makes sense, except in the light of evolution“.

33:17. The Star Wars Analogy

35:30. Who’s the podcast for?