Matt Wallden | FC2O Episode 1 – Mark Sisson Show Notes
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FC2O Episode 1 – Mark Sisson Show Notes

FC2O Episode 1 – Mark Sisson Show Notes

0:00. Introduction

2:46. Mark’s journey into Paleo

8:33. Mark’s athletic training goals

Mark Sisson

10:45. The body’s innate overtraining protection

11:50. Paleo providing order from chaos

18.29. Simple solutions to health challenges

20:20. When in doubt, go back to the genes

21:30. Who were Mark’s key influences in the Paleo field?

23:55. Which current Paleo authorities does Mark resonate with?

26:10. The Carnivore Diet

27:06. What mistakes has Mark seen in the Paleo world?

  • Saturated fats
  • Keto

29:16. Barefoot running

  • NOTE: For anyone wanting to safely transition to barefoot running, you can use our transition calculator – formulated during 10 years of working with Vibram Fivefingers as their UK Distributor (use password client-resource-page to access).
  • Phylogeny v.s Ontogeny
When considering a Paleo approach it’s important to take into account not just the massive weight of evolutionary adaptation (phylogeny) on the one side, but also the weight of the individual’s own development and adaptations (ontogeny) on the other.

34:13. The Business side of Paleo

37:  Primal Kitchen

35:55. The Primal Health Coach training

37:21. Mark’s goals from day 1

41:00. The importance of having a life purpose

42:42. Who wants to live forever?

43:53. How Mark rehab’ed his Achille’s injury

  • The importance of connective tissue in the diet

51:33. Who’s embraced the Paleo approach?

55:00. You’re infinitely more complex than a car…

  • The importance of coaching
  • NOTE: the webinar “But we’re infinitely more complex than a car” is available from here.

57:19. The future of Paleo

59:20. Where to learn more about Mark’s work.

1:01:50. Mark’s special gift to FC2O listeners, upcoming free webinar.

  • Offer code: MATT500 (expires July 6th 2019).
  • The free webinar “Modern Disintegration – Primal Connectivity” is available to you here – at 8pm BST (3pm Eastern / 12pm Pacific), Weds 10th July 2019.
  • The papers written by Mark and Matt are published in the Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies and cost $31.50 each to download. However, they’re available for free on the following share-links until July 4th 2019:

• Modern Disintegration – Primal Connectivity, Editorial Paper:

• Biomechanical Attractors A Paleolithic Prescription for Tendinopathy & Glycemic Control, Practical Paper:

1:03:15. ENDS