Matt Wallden | FC2O Episode 19 – Sasha Chaitow Show Notes
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FC2O Episode 19 – Sasha Chaitow Show Notes

0:00 Introduction

Sasha & Leon, Exeter University

3:36. You say Sash Chaitow, I say Sash Chah-tow

5:14. Sasha’s background

Sasha at work… and play…
  • Looking at how ideas span time to be expressed in later societies
  • History of religion & culture
  • Acknowledging the lesser understood
  • Painting

8:35. 2 x Masters & 1 PhD – and a new Master’s in Public Health.

9:06. Leon’s Background & the Chaitow lineage

  • Accountancy v.s Osteopathy
  • Stanley Leafe – NMT
  • Peter Leafe
  • Boris Chaitow
  • Leon Chaitow
  • Champneys

13:31. BCNO (British College of Naturopathy & Osteopathy) 1956-1960

14:16. Worthing

14:25. Moving to Greece

  • Transforming a challenge (not practicing) into an opportunity (writing)
  • The AMSTRAD Newsletter…

16:02. A Chiropractic Student from Los Angeles…

  • Dr Craig Liebenson
  • JBMT Practical Paper

18:08. A return to the UK

  • The 1st Osteopath Appointed to an NHS Practice
  • University of Westminster:
  •  Batchelors & Masters in Integrative Health
  • Textbooks
  • Conferences
  • JBMT

21:19. How the Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies got started…

  • Everyone has something to teach / to learn
  • Clinically applied information
  • 2008 – JBMT becomes Medline Indexed

27:30. Melting the professional barriers

  • Nothing to do with the qualification / everything to do with the individual
  • Defining yourself by your profession
  • What’s really important is the patient

30:43. Prolific Publishing

A Small Selection of Leon’s Published Books
  • >80 books written
    • Medical
    • Self-help
  • Empowerment
  • Candida – the runaway success

32:57. Why the interest in Breathing Pattern Disorders?

  • Caffeine, stress, seizures & stroke… or BPD?
  • The Neurologist & the Hyperventilation Test

35:08. If you want to know more about a subject, write a book!

35:27. Diane Lee & the World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain.

37:46. Don’t be a flake – learn the rules of the game and play

38:47. Legacy, Synchronicity & Flexibility

  • Duty & honour

43:00. How Sasha has taken the reigns and re-ordered the chaos

47:15. Sasha’s own work

  • 2 Galleries
  • Teacher training courses / Academic writing courses
  • Critical thinking
  • Scientific Community > Humanities Community
  • JBMT as front & centre
  • Leon’s book revisions

51:50. The Ghost in the Machine – Is Musculoskeletal Medicine Lacking Soul?

  • Beliefs & Behaviour
  • Peladan. 
    • Health beliefs
    • The Grieving Process
  • Only art can raise the consciousness of society
  • Seek beauty in all things
  • Before anything else, start with yourself
  • Apply higher ideals / virtues / behavioural patterns (outwardly and inwardly)
  • The Ideal is an Objective Value, not Subjective Value
  • Pan metron ariston
  • All things in good measure – seek a middle ground
  • The balance of vices and virtue
  • The importance of aesthetics… “Good for the soul”!
Allegory of Hope by Sasha Chaitow

58:23. Everything in moderation – including moderation

  • The wisdom of the Naturopathic Triad
  • Importance of Rationalism…
  • … in moderation
  • Neurologists, Gastroenterologists and Translators (General Practitioners)
  • Forgetting you have a real person sat in front of you
  • Compounded by specialisation
  • Neurologists, Gastroenterologists and Translators (General Practitioners)
  • Shortcomings of the absolutely rationalistic approach to Human Health
    • Biopsychosocial Health
    • Respite Beauty
    • Saving the “body” is no good – because what’s left is broken
    • SOS – Save Our Souls

 1:03:16. Subjectivity & Love 

1:05:14. Attractors, Archetypes, Alchemy and Jung’s Misdemeanour

  • Complexity & Attractors Creating Simplicity
  • Archetypes as attractors
  • Ideas that bind a culture and a community
  • You can’t uproot someone from their belief system that easily
  • People who are vulnerable
  • If the bigger picture is ignored, you’re not helping the person – you’re helping some bones and some muscles…
  • Alchemy – there was never supposed to be a mind-body divide
  • Jung’s alchemy to a historian is anathema – he “psychologised” alchemy
  • What alchemy “really was” was a means of harnessing metal ores from meteorites
  • All alchemy was seen as a sacred process that could only be successful if the practitioner was also purifying themselves concurrently
  • Embodying the alchemical process as a life-practice
House of Cards – Sasha Chaitow

1:13:41. Research using inner work to inform outer work

  • The Swiss Cheese plant
  • The stillness that allows for learning
  • How alchemy became chemistry
  • Observation is the mother of science

1:17:52. Pre-cartesian Alchemistry

  • Mind & Body as one
  • Doing it for greed would fail
  • Symbolically shared
  • The more complex the painting, the more intelligent the owner

1:21:30. How Alchemy linked with Sasha’s work as an artist

  • Synaesthesia
  • Eidetic memory
  • Thinks in pictures
  • Symbolic vocabularies

1:23:12. Logo’s and Symbology

  • Speaking to the unconscious…?
  • Social & Cultural Dimensions
  • A symbol hides layers upon layers upon layers

1:28:17. Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time and Light

  • Art precedes science in it’s expression
  • Science is about uncertainty and asking questions
  • When we don’t know anything, how to we formulate a question about something we know nothing about… that’s where art comes in!
  • Art can show us the impossible.
  • Marc Chagall
  • What questions can that image drive us to ask
  • What are the limits of the physical?
    • The laws of physics (for example) are “what we know so far”
  • Carbon-based versus silicon-based life?
The Blue Circus 1950 Marc Chagall 1887-1985 Presented by the artist 1953

1:32:43. Only Art Can Raise Society’s Level of Conscious

  • Qualified art… had to be beautiful
    • True
    • Good
    • Beautiful
  • Idealised versus Imperfect
  • Embodying qualified art

1:35:45. Synaethesia

1:41:19. Dimensional Mastery

  • What we leave behind only matters if it’s touched lives for the good
  • What has meaning…
  • Less people hurting = more kindness in the world
  • All negativity comes from a place of pain

1:48:21. Parting words leading us from chaos to order


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