Matt Wallden | FC2O – Episode 11 Timothy Carroll Show Notes
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FC2O – Episode 11 Timothy Carroll Show Notes

Timothy Carroll Elite Performance Consultant (and half-decent barefoot water-skier)!!

… and your inner game

2:37 Introduction 

6:08 Barefoot waterskiing – in Vibram Fivefingers!

Vibram Fivefingers Spyridons… going faster & getting wetter than anyone ever expected!

6:44 Sport as an education about the “self”

8:36 Key lessons for aspiring athletes & performing “out of your mind”

10:44 The “Inner Game”

Just a “bit” tougher than it looks…

13:23 Key influences in Timothy’s Coaching Career

15:01. The impact of giving up elite sport

17:58. Prophylactic Psyhology

19:29. The gift of turning inwards

21:50. The Shadow and Disowned Selves

25:03. The Unconscious & Performance.

27:11. Being at Cause – rather than Effect

28:35. Blame as a red flag & NLP

30:41. Embodying Patterns of Thought and “the knowing-doing gap”

37:31. Mindfulness? Or Mindlessness?

38:14. Working with Elite Performers

42:46. CHEK connection & Inner-Outer shifts

46:24. Integrating the inner game and health consultancy

47:57. Why Business Start-Ups and Executive Leaders fail

52:55. Value-based consultancy

58:04. Being Unique & your Fingerprint for Success

1:01:19. Science & Philosophy

1:06:52. The 3 Selves… 

1:09:17. Transactional Analysis in health & performance

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