Matt Wallden | FC2O Episode 8 – Sherri Tenpenny (Part 2 – Q&A)
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FC2O Episode 8 – Sherri Tenpenny (Part 2 – Q&A)

Questions for Sherri:

  1. Do vaccines for infections differ to vaccines for diseases?
  2. I would like to know her view on the vaccination of pregnant mothers and the risks to the foetus across the placenta and at what stage the greatest risk would be.
  3. Is vaccination contributing to the increased allergies, and auto immune diseases we now see.
  4. I’ve been seeing a lot of babies have big reactions to the new rotavirus oral vaccine. Lots of diarrhoea and reflux. Wondering if she has any thoughts on it.
  5. She is a strong proponent of homeopathy, it made me wonder how much she relies on evidence to informs her practice. In her own practice do her observations have greater impact than the literature?
  6. One specific point is to ask why the rates of autism are similar for vaccinated and unvaccinated children.
  7. I also would be interested to question the data she gave about the increasing incidence of Autism. It has increased in public awareness hence the increase in diagnosis. PTSD didn’t exist before the First World War but people still suffered from it before it was labelled and you would probably find PTSD reported more now than in World War 2.
  8. I’d like to know what mechanism other than statistical observation that governs herd immunity
  9. Can someone who is immunized still carry (and spread) an infection?
  10. I would like to know why she thinks giving your child a vaccine is akin to rape – her words not mine
  11. A simple argument is if vaccination is wrong, does that make smallpox right?
  12. I’d like to ask what her views are on vaccinating health care workers with such vaccines as Hepatitus B&C as well as BCG. Tetanus, Polio, Rubella and the flu vaccine.
  13. I’d love to know if there’s a difference between US and UK vaccines.
  14. Are there any vaccines she’d recommend we’d have administered when referring to travel (various countries)? 
  15. What are her thoughts about the ‘new’ vaccine for boys – PHV?
  16. Laws around states that allow religious and medical exemptions. 
  17. In particular in Illinois can the courts or a judge rule against a medical exemption when Illinois allows for both? What are my rights? And if they do rule against it who above the judge can I go to if necessary? The medical exemption is in my child’s best interests in the state if Illinois.
  18. How big are the risks for complications if you get infected with measles? And how can you protect yourself from the complications?
  19. A good reliable concentrated source of information about vaccines? 
  20. If someone chooses to vaccinate any safety measures to reduce the risk?
  21. any supplements to reduce risk?
  22. like age of the child (maturation of the immune system) ? 
  23. a separation phase between vaccines? 
  24. any “must not” by any chance vaccines?
  25. Post-vaccination actions in case someone took the vaccine? 
  26. To prevent symptoms or to handle symptoms whom happen after taking a vaccine?
  27. I’d love for her to comment on the Corvelva institute investigations into vaccines
  28. In today’s world if we were not to vaccinate our child obviously they would get certain infections from vaccinated children, is a shedding infection the same as the real thing? Would we be immunized from the real infection?
  29. If by not vaccinating and the child and he/she’s immune system is strong from good nutrition and lifestyle factors, if they miss these infectious agents is there concern for if they get them later in life? 
  30. Is there a age correlation to these infections? As in should we be exposing ourselves to these due to epigenetic reasons. 
  31. What would Sherri’s ideal world be like in a vaccine free world?
  32. I’d like to know more about the safety of the vaccination for dogs, or pets in general. My vet was telling me that I might have been right that animals are born with immunity if they were with their mom for some time, but some dogs are separated from their moms way too soon and their immunity can’t support them fight the infections. I’m guessing this is also the case with formula fed children.

Sara’s story – 

My daughter’s liver went into acute failure 6 mo after her father took her to get caught up on vaccines

I had stopped vaccinating her after she had a horrific reaction to them at 6mo (Hep, MMR, DTAP, flu vaccine AND the new swine flu vaccine- in one sitting). She developed a large/swollen belly, stopped nursing & thriving; we both ended up with swine flu; she was put on a respirator. I began my research in vaccines at that time and refused to get them. Her dr threatened to report me to the CDC, which drove me further into investigating this, changing pediatricians & living a more paleo type of lifestyle. Between ages 2-8 she was never sick and never saw a doctor, needed medication or antibiotics. Though her father never agreed with my decisions on this, he left child raising issues up to me. We divorced when she was 7 and in our decree it states all medical decisions must be made 50-50; we must agree or make the decisions together & with full parental knowledge. 3 weeks after he took her to be fully updated on vaccines (6 years worth in one visit) she was in the hospital & I found out what he’d done without my knowledge…

She began having terrible ear infections, stomach swelled, couldn’t eat. 6 mo later her liver failed. She was hospitalized for two months, diagnosed with type II autoimmune hepatitis and now has to take immunosuppressants. She is doing well but it’s shown chronic effects that she’ll live with for the rest of her life. 

Question: how can I advocate for her better when her father does not believe or agree vaccines are the problem? Is there a way to prove this and really step up for her? I feel trapped in all of the circumstances and don’t know what else to do.

I’ve provided him with ALL the research- he dismisses it. I’ve offered a compromise of spacing them out (1 per year) if he’d agree to follow my detox plans; he refuses. If I pressure him or try to bring lawyers into it, he uses his power & wealth to drag it out until I’m broke and have to drop it. (This has happened twice; I’ve lost over $80k both times I had to hire an attorney- but he just gets a top, expensive & more brutal attorney to drive me into the ground knowing I can’t afford to pay my lawyer the longer his attorney drags it out) I feel the only way to advocate more strongly is to have some PROOF. Ie; tests, a doctors report that says she can’t have vaccines, or something that proves her body can’t handle this.

Quick-fire round:

You can say “agree, disagree or pass”

  • I am anti-gun control
  • I am anti-liberal 
  • I am anti-abortion
  • I am anti-same sex marriage
  • I am anti-marijuana
  • I am pro-Trump
  • I am anti-mandatory seat-belts
  • I am anti-vaccination

Does the fact people want to know your beliefs around abortion (as an example) say more about you, or about the people who want to know what you believe?

How do vaccines interfere with and disrupt the microbiome?  Can it be be through the mitochondria and for life -eg german measles vaccine

Quoting direct from the World Health Organization‘s website:

 Diseases had already begun to disappear before vaccines were introduced, because of better hygiene and sanitation.

Statements like this are very common in anti-vaccine literature, the intent apparently being to suggest that vaccines are not needed. Improved socioeconomic conditions have undoubtedly had an indirect impact on disease. Better nutrition, not to mention the development of antibiotics and other treatments, have increased survival rates…

…But looking at the actual incidence of disease over the years can leave little doubt of the significant direct impact vaccines have had, even in modern times.

For example, there have been periodic peaks and valleys throughout the years, but the real, permanent drop in measles incidence coincided with the licensure and wide use of measles vaccine beginning in 1963.

How does one reconcile this statement with the graphs showing exactly the opposite?

If you’re so confident that your anti-vax position is correct, why don’t you debate with a pro-vaccination person / group?

4630 Systematic Reviews x 3% = 138