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BCC 2012 600px
Opening the 2012 Barefoot Connections Conference, Natural History Museum, London

Looking for a speaker for your event?  Matt is well known for his dynamic delivery, insightful information and ability to convey complex topics in easy-to-understand ways.  Additionally, Matt’s aim is always to provide tools that audience members can go away with to apply immediately in their lives and profession.


Presenting “The Hamstring Insight” for the Osteopathic Sports Care Association, London 2013

Matt offers a number of different speaking services; from leading small group workshops for week-long training courses, through to keynoting at large International Conferences.  He also successfully can pitch talks to all levels – from youngsters or the general public, through to highly technical and applied clinical presentations.



Presenting Experience
Matt has presented at every level to every demographic and his audiences always find him engaging; Matt’s goal always being to give his audience information thay can take home and apply immediately.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.35.54
Barefoot Running workshop, Run & Become, London 2014

From World Congresses and International Symposia, to teaching about health in junior schools, Matt enjoys sharing his knowledge and understanding with anyone who has an interest in human health and performance.Some examples of places Matt has given presentations include:



  • PRI Symposium, Lincoln, Nebraska 2018
  • British Osteopathic Association Conference, UK 2003, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2017
  • Annual Convention, Osteopaths New Zealand, Taupo 2014
  • World Congress on Low Back and Pelvic Pain, Los Angeles 2010
  • Ancestral Health Symposium, Los Angeles 2011
  • Football Association International Medical Conference, UK 2005, 2006
  • International Conference on Advances in Osteopathic Research, UK / Melbourne, Australia 2001, 2005

To find out more about what people say about Matt’s presentations, see the testimonials section below.

Speaking Testimonials:


Presenting at the 2017 iO Convention, London

Thank you for your continued support, we do get loads of rave reviews about your sessions!  With best regards, Maurice Cheng, iO Chief Executive.

PRI Symposium Panel Discussion

My favorite presentations were from the DO’s, Matt Wallden & Phill Beach. They were clearly excellent, engaging speakers, but it may also be that DO’s practicing true to their profession, are very much aligned with PRI principles – making their presentations particularly useful to us as PRI clinicians

It was one of the most stimulating lectures for a long time and tied up a lot of things I  knew in a new way, which makes it more feasible to put into practiceIMG_6849

Very fluent and coherent.  Complete and informative. 

Excellent. Very good and comprehensive.  Lots of enthusiasm for subject.

Very exciting content.  ……..   Matt delivers the stuff in a very comprehensive and enjoyable way, so it was a real pleasure to attend the workshop

I must say I admire your knowledge and that gives me the edge to keep studying and learning more

Keynoting at the REPS Annual Convention, Birmingham

You were absolutely unbelievable. Your lecture content presentation and spirit was brilliant and I cannot wait until you next do a presentation. All the feedback of everyone watching you was really, really positive, so bloody well done. RB

Great evening, great talk

Congratulations for last night Matt, everyone was very impressed. JS

Impressive knowledge. ML

Congratulations Matt – very enjoyable and interesting talk.

World class lecture.  AR

Matt, I Really enjoyed your inspirational lecture last week, and look forward to the next one.  JW

Wanted to contact you last month when I did a course feed back on the sports care module but your address was lost on my old computer.  A big thank you for trekking all the way to Oxford.  They all loved the module and many said especially your lecture. MB


Speaking at FitPro Convention 2014

Speaking Fees:

Please note, all fees are exclusive of travel and (where relevant) accommodation.

  1. Full day £1475
  2. Half day £750
  3. 2 hours £450
  4. 1 hour £225

(Multi-day rate – on application)

For more information, or to book Matt to speak at your event, please contact us on enquiries@mattwalldencom.  Many thanks.

We have over 20 Webinars and Conferences available online!

Latest Insights and upcoming Webinars with Matt Wallden.

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