Matt Wallden | Consulting
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Everyone is an athlete

Whether you have pain, health challenges, athletic goals, or corporate ambitions, we work with you as if you’re an Olympic Athlete who is striving to achieve optimal performance.  The reason?  Health and disease cannot co-exist in the same body.


Even though you may not feel like an athlete right now, you still have athletic requirements to function in your daily activities within a field of gravity.  The process of working toward optimal health is the same in principle as the process of working to become an Olympic medallist. Learn more.


Optimal athletic performance can be sought using biohacks, quick-fixes and other cheat mechanisms, or by investing the time, effort and attention to detail that is common to all champions. In our work we prefer to take the latter path to achieve sustainable progression on strong foundations.  Learn more.


To realise your potential in your corporate environment is the same process as elite sports mastery. You can take short-cuts, seek quick gains and eventually come unstuck, or you can invest in yourself to achieve the seeming impossible by optimizing your health, which inevitably filters into your performance.  In the long run, health and performance are one and the same thing. Learn more.

Patients and Atheletes

Phase 1: Information Gathering

Free Phone Consultion

Investigate whether what we’re offering is what you’re looking for.
Duration: 15 Minutes

Free Information Gathering

Online health questionnaires sent & completed.
2 Hours

Low Investment Video Consultation

Together we discuss options & decide on an optimal course of action.
20 Minutes

Phase 2: Clinical Assessment, Program & Coaching

The result of phase 1 is often to progress to creating a bespoke clinical assessment, performance program & coaching package.  Alternatively, it may be to refer out to a more targeted specialist based on evaluation of your needs, or to refer you to our downloadable clinical packages. The clinical assessment, performance program & coaching package is tailored to your individual needs based on energy, finance and time resources.  Durations and level of commitment are decided in advance, but can be adjusted, based on your desires.


Information from the assessment is collated, analysed & a program is designed & written up.

Duration: 1-5 hours

Information from the assessment is collated, analysed & a program is designed & written up.

Duration: 1-2 hours

You will be coached through a highly bespoke stretch, mobilisation & exercise program, recorded on video.

Duration: 1-3 hours

You will be coached through a fully customised nutrition & lifestyle program, recorded on video.

Duration: 1-4 hours
Coaching and Treatment

Phase 3: Coaching & Treatment

At this point, you have all the key information and tools you need to get started on your journey toward optimum health & performance.  For optimal results, we recommend a coaching package of 3, 6 or 12 months.  This may include ongoing treatment and reassessments; usually around every 6-8 weeks, to facilitate effective progression.


Coaching ensures you are using optimal technique, lifestyle strategies and get the most from your program
Duration: Weekly to Monthly


Treatment is often part of the process, both relating to original findings & to new findings that emerge as your conditioning develops.
Duration: Dependent on requirements


Improvements in posture & function mean that your needs change as your progress & new priorities emerge.
Duration: Dependent on requirements

Contact today to embark on your journey toward optimal health and realising your potential!