Matt Wallden | FC2O Episode 18 – Lierre Keith Show Notes
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FC2O Episode 18 – Lierre Keith Show Notes

0:00. Intro

Lierre Keith, former vegan and author of The Vegetarian Myth.

2:57. Lierre and The Vegetarian Myth

6:34. Your place as an animal in the Cosmos

Lierre’s amazing “The Vegetarian Myth” book (and the Audible version is awesome too!)

10:16. Approaching Vegetarianism & Veganism from multiple angles

16:44. The avoidance of Death through Vegetarianism

22:16. The soil is alive – the Ouroboros

The Ouroboros – the ancient symbol which highlights that life eats life… if it consumes too quickly it will eat itself up… if it consumes too slowly it will shrivel up and die
  • Being part of the death that supports life v.s being part of the death that does not support life
  • Life is not the opposite of death…
  • The cycle of life
  • Plant Consciousness


30:52. Where does sentience stop?

  • Entering into relationship
  • Civilisation & Ecology

31:40. What’s the solution?

  • Population and Education
  • People versus the planet, or People plus the planet?
  • Repairing the damage
  • Life wants to live

34:39. Ending Agriculture

  • Back-breaking labour for piss-poor nutrition
  • Hierarchies and militarisation
  • The 6 Corporations…
  • Agricultural dumping
  • Trading 60million healthy bison for 40million sick cows

40:25. Restoring the Prairies

  • Grass-based farming

43:29. Social Engineering

  • 34 Civilisations have collapsed
  • Topsoil
  • What is a city?
  • No-one willingly gives up their land and resources
  • Why we took up Agriculture
  • Starvation in hunter-gatherers?
  • Gluteomorphine / Glutomorphogens
  • Ownership & Ego Development

50:49. Teenage Prospective Vegetarians

  • Education:
    • It’s not non-violent
    • It doesn’t support nature
    • It doesn’t help at all
  • Wilding book
    • Eating to celebrate life
    • Doing it humbly

54:35. Surely I can eat vegetarian in a way that is sustainable?

  • You can try…
  • Nuts… omega 6’s
  • Lack of cholesterol…

56:17. Biochemical Individuality

  • Some people are obligate carnivores
    • Vitamin A
  • Evolution prunes fast and hard
  • Nobody does well on a high carb / low fat diet

58:31. Metabolic Man 10,000 Miles from Eden

  • Cellulose breakdown
  • Grass as the solution
  • Evolution is a web of interconnecting relationships
  • Grass – Ruminant – Bacteria Co-evolution
    • Being eaten stimulates grass growth and root development

1:02:58. Forests are for wet parts of the world / Grass is for hot and dry parts of the world…

  • life goes underground
  • into the bellies of the eating the grass 
  • when a cow eats grass, it’s not actually eating it – the bacteria in its stomach(s) are eating it, and the cow is eating the bacteria!

1:05:48. If you take one player out, the whole system collapses 

  • Desertification

1:06:26. A 4thplayer: the Apex Predator

  • keeps the herds moving
  • applying the “pulse”

1:07:26. Cows as Carbon Sinks

  • Sequestering Carbon
  • Fossil fuel v.s Agriculture
    • Fossil fuel as accelerant
  • Vaporizing the soil

1:09:56. Meat – a benign extravagance

  • Pigs are twice as efficient as cows at turning substandard grains or non-foods into meat
  • 13% of foods eaten by animals are foods fit for human consumption

1:11:55. Dietary Cholesterol.

  • Blaming cholesterol for heart disease is like blaming the fire brigade for causing fires
  • Humans only produce ~80% of the cholesterol they need endogenously (within the body)
  • Parallels with Vitamin C
  • Cell membranes need cholesterol – without it you’re a puddle on the floor
  • Nerve insulation requires cholesterol
  • All Steroid Hormones require cholesterol

16:21. Saturated Fats Vilified… yet:

  • Cell membranes x 100 Trillion are made from ~50% saturated fat
  • Cell membrane as “brain” as cell
  • Insanity in the membranity … will kill off humanity

1:19:05. Lierre’s journey after publishing The Vegetarian Myth

  • Hate-mail & Death threats
  • Can we just talk

1:21:22. Sense of self

  • Reptilian brain
  • Fundamentalist mindset
  • Your brain was 2 million years in the making – USE IT!!
  • Evolution IS adaptation

 1:24:38. The Game Changers Movie 

  • People ask me, “How can you be as strong as an Ox when you don’t eat meat?”… And I say to them, “When did you last see an Ox eating meat?!”
  • Okay, but do you have a 4-Chambered stomach, with bacteria that can digest cellulose?
  • “I’m a Gorilla, and I’m gonna F*$k you up” (and I’m a vegetarian)

1:28:52.  Adult Knowledge

  • Martin Prichtel “Honey in the Heart”
  • Integration
  • You can’t get out of the cycle of life
  • Response-ability
  • Switching to plant-based diets can result in a short-term gain
  • The average vegan only lasts for about 3 months before switching back – unless ideologically compelled.

1:34:24. In closing… is there anything you would change about The Vegetarian Myth?

  • Grass restoration
  • Grass-based farms

1:35:35. Closing Words of Wisdom to help move from chaos to order

  • Even if information changes – it does not change your values as a person
  • When you kill something, you live on through it and it lives on through you
  • Sacred moments of transformation
  • Participation

To get hold of your own copy of Lierre’s Vegetarian Myth, head over to Amazon, or to Audible.