Matt Wallden | Neutraliser – neutralising back pain & technique flaws
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Neutraliser – neutralising back pain & technique flaws

Have you ever experienced low back pain?

If not, you’re lucky! Up to 85% of adults experience a debilitating bout of low back pain in their life.  But why is this?

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Have you ever been to Pilates, or gone to the gym and been told to “find neutral” or to “keep your spine in neutral” while you move? Often therapists (from physio’s to osteopaths, from chiropractors to massage therapists) will tell you to get your spine into a neutral position to minimize stress or load on painful tissues. Perhaps, you haven’t, but I can almost certainly guarantee you’ve been told at some point to “sit up straight”, to “stop slouching” or to “stand tall”.  Well, there is a lot of controversy about this advice in current research; but much of that controversy depends (like everything) on how you view it.

Optimal posture can improve joint function, enhance load sharing through your musculoskeletal system, take stress off the ligaments and certain parts of the discs, optimise your performance, minimise risk of injury and improve (or reflect) your state of mind.  However, if you are made to feel bad that your posture is “suboptimal” or told that your pain is all down to poor posture, then the likelihood of a postural focus alone helping with all the benefits mentioned above, is limited.

It is critical to understand that you- your deportment (the way you carry yourself) – is a reflection of a number of contributing factors from your state of mind, to your level of conditioning, to your habits and hobbies,

Facilitating Change Rehab Sequence & Neutral Spine

Well, there is good reason for this…

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