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Self-help Programs

“Physician Heal Thyself”

Luke 4:23

It may well be true that the physician – or the patient for that matter – should “heal thy self”, but it was also famously stated by Sir William Osler that the physician who treats himself has a fool for a patient!  So who’s right, Luke or or William? Who do you put your faith in, the apostle or knight?!

Help Yourself - self-helpThere is always a certain benefit to having a 3rd party (especially a specialised, experienced 3rd party) review your situation and make recommendations. However, that specialisation and experience tends not to come cheap; while the irony is that many of the interventions that would be made are relatively simple or easy to self-assess and engage in.

This is why we have created the following resources for those who are ready or able to commit to a one-on-one coaching package yet,  but who do have the vision and motivation to heal themselves.  After all, if you focus hard enough on Heal thy Self, it doesn’t take too long until you start to see Healthy Self… which is the end goal of any intervention – no matter the investment!  And since on a resonant level, the only way to heal others is to be the change you wish to see in them, for us all to be healthy is the only logical way forwards. The resources listed below will help guide you towards optimal health

“Physician Healthy Self”

  • Primal Nutrition 5WH – Audio download
    • A 3-hour audio program, with accompanying pdf exploring the 5 W’s (what, where, when, why, who) and the H (how) of Primal Nutrition.
  • Physiological Load Assessment (Detailed).  Screen 28 different organ, glandular and limbic-emotional systems.  More info here.
  • Physiological Load Assessment (Basic).  Screen 6 Key Health Factors and access information guidelines to support your findings.  To find out more, see here.
  • Metabolic Typing Customised Nutritional Program – video & pdf download
    • Take the online questionnaire to identify your metabolic type
    • Receive a full 20+ page report, a nutritional program and
    • Access to a coaching video download explaining the background to metabolic typing and the specifics of your metabolic type.
  • Eat, Move & Be Healthy – best-selling self-help book by world-renowned holistic health practitioner, Paul Chek.  This book includes:
      • key background information to nutrition & lifestyle management,
      • questionnaires for self-assessment, and
      • plans to reach whatever level of health attainment you are focused on.

Note: Even the C.H.E.K. Institute and their distributors are unable to beat Amazon’s price, so they recommend that you shop for the book there (click on the book image to buy, to “search inside”, or to see reviews).

  • The Primal Gong: 107-day Transformation Program – video download, Prezi presentation, app & booklet.
    • A 100-day lifestyle transformation program, with 1-week planning phase.