Matt Wallden | Testimonials
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Testimonials from patients:

One big progress that I have noticed is the result of the Metabolic Typing Diet. (I have read the book too), It is amazing! The increased energy level and that you feel that you are clean inside the body is fantastic. I feel like I have woken up from something I didn´t know I was in, and that my senses have become deeper. I really feel good of eating this way and thank you Matthew, I am not sure I could have started it without your support. GB, 2003

I had serious health issues that were impacting my zest for life. I found Matt when I was at my wits end and he turned it all around. I had tried so many other methods but none of them worked. So in my opinion Matt is a health genius with a big heart! LT, 2011

Testimonials for teaching:

Nigel Nicholas, Holistic Health Practitioner: