Matt Wallden | FC2O Episode 26 – Jator Pierre
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FC2O Episode 26 – Jator Pierre

0:00 Introduction

7:30. Learning through mentorship

  • JP Sears

8:22. The 6 Foundation Health Principles

  • Think right
  • Drink right
  • Eat right
  • Move right
  • Breathe right
  • Sleep right
  • Simplicity in health, versus complexity in disease

10:21. JP’s Class: “I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about!”

12:09. Challenging fears… public speaking

14:41. Radical honesty

  • It’s profound… but don’t just jump in with two feet – it’s a process!
  • “Is this still serving who you think you want to be?”

20:17: Family – often our biggest challenge and our biggest gift

  • “Health Jesus”
  • The more proving and defended you need to be, the more insecure you feel
  • Hiding insecurity with “I know”

22:40. Balancing vulnerability with self-esteem

24:30. Social media, masks and the struggles of life

28:48. “Every courageous life is lived out in the grit and dirt of existence“. Relationship and being true to your values.

32:08. Body fat and emotional pain. Caroline your own self-burden and cutting off the fat!

36:31. What if we are trying to protect ourselves from the inside world? Intimacy or into me I see!

38:18. Being fully self-responsible… how do you communicate when you are most negatively self-charged?

40:08. The I and the Me… The Power of Now, higher consciousness and the soul. “What are we going to wear today?”
Fear, shame and self-compassion.

48:08. Compartmentalising to understand to allow control… become a fan of mystery and contextual understanding. Childlike perspective. Nothing to argue about – just to explore together!

51:28. Pain neuroscience, and uncertainty
Predictably unpredictable… comfort with discomfort.

54:39 Why we’re all control freaks.
– Can I notice what I typically don’t notice?
– May the universe surprise me today

57:09. The yin & the yang of time management…
– Participant versus observer.
– Celebration of integration

1:00:51. If it’s true… I am here to have a relative experience…

1:01:56. Pain as a way of realising you are not just your body
– the Pain Teacher
– Where I have learned more – in my pleasure or my pain / my joy or my suffering?
– Invitation to your past
– Healing perceptions of the past to change the experience of today
– Parenting your child

1:09:18. Energy circuits as finite
– decreased siphoning of energy availability

1:11:07. The embodied mind

1:12:40. Woundology vs Vulnerability
– Disruption at the cellular, genetic and epigenetic levels.
– Light and Shadow is found in everything

Observing self – external vs internal processors

1:18:02 Self-hypnotized?

  • The glazed look people get in their eyes – regurgitating unconscious stories
  • Can you notice your stories and question, is this still true for me?

1:19:19 Observing self – external vs internal processors

1:22:27 Emotional Trauma and Genetic Expression

  • Telomeres
  • The exosome, environment and perception
  • Genetics and epigenetics – and perception of self
  • Family values

129:21 Developmental Psychology

  • Brainwave states and septenaries
  • Tribe mind
  • The conscious as a wafer…

1:34:14 The Unconscious – where a lot of our pain resides

  • If you’re not willing to explore your unconscious “If you want to know your future, all you have to do is look to your past”
  • Naivety, Innocence, shame and exploration
  • Sit and feel v.s “What’s next?” mentality

1:42:20 Other Influences

  • Chris Kresser
    • Research tzar!
  • CHEK Institute as a central cog
    • “Be the farmer of your own experience”
  • John McMullin
    • You’re here to heal yourself
  • JP Sears
    • Exploring with…

1:53:00 FC2O

  • My simple invitation: take what you have right now and allow yourself to fully experience it
  • We HLC
  • ExloreWithJator: Insta & YouTube
  • Jator Pierre: Facebook
  • Restore60 Program
  • Dive into your failures / blocks before you dive into “information”