Matt Wallden | Cutting Edge Technologies – to Help Avoid the Surgeon’s Knife
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Cutting Edge Technologies – to Help Avoid the Surgeon’s Knife


In recent times, research seems to be pointing to decreasing reliability and usefulness of imaging techniques, measurements and other ways of analysing posture.

Some eminent researchers (as well as many social media commentators) suggest that, against our better judgement, imaging may be counterproductive, sending practitioners hunting down the wrong path, and encouraging patients to catastrophise over findings which are just a normal part of aging.

In this webinar, Jon Bowskill & Matt Wallden will discuss:

  • Linking biopsychosocial approaches with technology – and why the two are not mutually exclusive
  • The importance of pelvic incidence and sagittal balance in understanding spinal curves.
  • Use and application of medical imaging (eg Dynamic MRI / EOS / Aquilion CT)
  • Why the benefits of imaging is dependent on an integrated team.
  • Key factors missing from the standard biomechanical picture.

For allied healthcare to evolve, a healthy respect for how our offering fits into the bigger medical picture is imperative.  The scope of this role within medicine, the relevance of objective testing, when to use it, and how to apply it in clinical decision making will be discussed to provide a counter-perspective to current trends.

Included with this webinar is free access to Matt Wallden & Paul Chek’s controversial paper, The Ghost in the Machine – Is Musculoskeletal Medicine Lacking Soul? (worth $32.50), which includes a broader description of some of the imagery and concepts presented in the webinar.

Here’s a snippet to give you a feel:

Cutting Edge Technologies Snippet 4 from Matt Wallden on Vimeo.

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