Matt Wallden | Metabolic Typing Test, Report & Video Consult
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Metabolic Typing Test, Report & Video Consult



If you’re perplexed by the dramatic diversity and disparity of nutritional advice out there, then you’re not alone!

Why would it be that there’s such divergence of opinion (and results) from program to program?  Well, it’s most likely because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition.  Why? Because we all have different energetic requirements, different hormonal requirements, are under different stresses, are from different genetic pools and live in different environments!!

So how do you find out?  Well, this is where Metabolic Typing comes in to help you identify a “starting point” for how your physiology is likely to best respond to different food types and food proportions.

When you purchase this product, you receive

  1. a full 22-page computer-generated report,
  2. customised dietary information,
  3. fine-tuning guidelines,
  4. metabolic typing background information and tips
  5. a 2.5 hour coaching video to help you understand your results, and
  6. access to other metabolic typing resources for patients only at