Matt Wallden | Modern Disintegration – Primal Connectivity
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Modern Disintegration – Primal Connectivity


Are you surprised to learn that connective tissues have a direct link with propensity for atherosclerosis and heart conditions?

Similarly, improving blood sugar control through stretching – and especially the way you rest – may not be your first thought when it comes to treatment of conditions like diabetes?

Is it surprising that the same clinical markers used to predict metabolic syndrome are also predictive of connective tissue injuries, such as tennis elbow or achilles tendon issues?

All are discussed and clarified in this insightful and wide-reaching presentation.



Based on a combination of Matt’s MSc research, two 2019 papers (written with Paleo pioneer, Mark Sisson) published in the Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies, and a presentation Matt delivered to the World Fascia Congress in Berlin in 2018, this webinar showcases integrated applications of high-performance fascial function – in health and disease.

Inclusive of the two papers Matt wrote with Mark (worth $32.50 each) and the Abstract for the World Fascia Congress, this webinar delivers oodles of helpful clinical information to bring you up to speed with the cutting edge of fascial knowledge; connecting the dots (and the behaviours and tissues) between key elements of human health and performance.



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