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Neutraliser Cord



Sold individually as a replacement for a lost or broken cord to work in conjuction with your Neutraliser Device, or to be used in isolation for optimal abdominal conditioning feedback.

The Neutraliser Cord (aka “the world’s best weight belt”) provides biofeedback to let you know when you’re going “rectus abdominis dominant” – a form of muscle misfiring that increases stress on the low back and compromises spinal motor control; especially during lower load, rehabilitation or base conditioning exercises (for more detail, see “The Neutral Spine Principle” webinar).

If being used independently it is recommended that the Neutraliser Cord only be used for relatively short periods… 15-20 minutes max in any one period… and then is slackened to sit on the waist-band for a spell.  Keeping the Neutraliser Cord on consistently can drive an inverted breathing pattern and a stress response.

If training with the Neutraliser Cord on, you should tighten it up for your work period and slacken off during recovery to allow for optimal breathing patterns in recovery.

If you have any questions about use of the Neutraliser Cord, please email  The instructional video’s for the Neutraliser kit can be purchased and viewed on our Vimeo page here.

Alternatively, the Neutraliser videos, the Neutraliser Cord and the Neutraliser Device (including Neutraliser Pin) all come packaged together in the full Neutraliser Kit.


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