Matt Wallden | Neutraliser Kit
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Neutraliser Kit


The Neutraliser is a conditioning tool invented by Matt Wallden in 2003. Its effective use supports you in creating:

  • Better posture
  • Better resistance to injury
  • Better exercise technique
  • Better strength
  • Better performance

It’s the same you – just better!


Please note: when you purchase the Neutraliser Kit, you receive the Neutraliser Device, the Neutraliser Pin and the Neutraliser Cord via mail… While you’re waiting for their arrival, this is a great time to learn about the theories and applications of the Neutral Spine by accessing our Neutraliser Instructional Video and Neutral Spine Principle Webinar, which are available instantly when you complete your purchase (your personal links are on your purchase confirmation). You also will receive a pdf of the medical paper, “The Neutral Spine Principle“, to browse through for deeper insights.

The Neutraliser Instructional VIdeo

The Neutral Spine Principle Webinar

The Neutral Spine Principle medical paper.


The Neutraliser Kit acts as a personal trainer you can take home with you!  The neutraliser device is designed to provide biofeedback to you providing greater awareness of your spinal position.  This can be important in learning how to move out of pain, or to learn how to move with optimal form when learning new exercises.

Complete with Neutraliser Device, Neutraliser Cord, Neutraliser Pin, Educational Video and Instructional Video, the Neutraliser Kit allows you to develop a better sense of your spinal position and abdominal wall function as you progress through rehabilitation (if relevant*) and base-conditioning or early performance conditioning.

A brief video explaining some of the benefits of the neutraliser can be seen here.


Additional Information
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 10 × 10 cm