Matt Wallden | Physiological Load – Detailed Screen
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Physiological Load – Detailed Screen



Who is this for?

The detailed screen is for anyone who wants to get deeper insight into the stressors on their system and how to effectively address them.  This may include those who…

  • …have persistent pain
  • …seem unresponsive to treatment
  • …are experiencing recurrent injury
  • …have ongoing health complaints
  • …want to optimise performance

Why is it important?

We are moving out of an era when it seemed acceptable to just address symptoms and hope that the cause would go of its own accord.  The realisation that “a headache isn’t caused by an aspirin deficiency” is finally becoming mainstream and people (patients and healthcare professionals alike) are increasingly interested in understanding the cause of the symptoms, not just how to dampen them with drugs, surgeries, fancy tools or techniques.

The challenge

One of the biggest challenges researchers have met is that to identify cause is very tricky when there are multiple factors that summate to cause central sensitivity illness or pain.  What medicine has typically dealt with is patients who are sick enough that they’re flat out – ie they have what’s termed “horizontal disease”.  Where medicine has lagged is in identifying who it is that’s walking around with less than optimal health – who have what can be termed “vertical disease”.

The health appraisal questionnaire was developed for just this purpose – to identify which systems of the body were exhibiting physiological markers of stress or “load”.  By identifying  what is causing physiological load, we are then in a position to address these factors, not only treating pain and disease, but preventing future disease (the vertical from becoming the horizontal).

The detailed health appraisal questionnaire screens 28 different organ and glandular systems; and includes screening for emotional stressors too. This is how the detailed screen is presented:

Physiological Load - Detailed Screen

If you’re a clinician and want to learn more about how to use this screening clinically, you can enrol on the CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching pathway at

If you’re someone who would like to test their physiological load now and get feedback on how to address it, then you can purchase the screening here.

This will give you the full report, and general advice based on your overall score.  If you wish to dig deeper into the details of your report you are welcome to book a consultation with us, or to download each of the relevant videos associated with sections you score high on.


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