Matt Wallden | Time to Really Get Hip- Webinar
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Time to Really Get Hip- Webinar


In this webinar, Time to Really Get Hip, you will learn how the hip fits into the overall function of the kinetic chain.


It may, at first glance, seem implausible, but my grandmother had 3 replacement hips. No, she was no freak of nature; just one of the 30% of people who get osteoarthritis of the hip, and since both hips were replaced in her 60’s, by the time she reached her 80’s one needed to be replaced again…  So, you can imagine my surprise when I was thumbing through the pages of a textbook and found that, frequently, left untreated, osteoarthritis of the hip can be self-correcting…

This webinar will look at the neurodevelopmental factors of the human hip, reviewing some of the most common injuries (such as groin strain and impingement syndromes), how to manage them, as well as how the hip fits into the overall function of the kinetic chain. It’s time to get hip to whole-body hip function!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • how the hip is both a “slave” and a “master” joint
  • what you can do to minimize your personal risk of hip degeneration
  • how hip function integrates with SIJ function and its pivotal role in lower limb injury
  • how to manage or even facilitate rehabilitation of those with OA of the hip
  • why shoulder injury may be the cause or effect of a hip problem
  • emotional correlates of hip injury
  • differential diagnosis of hip pain
  • visceral factors you may be overlooking when assessing hip joint function

This webinar is an introduction to understanding the hip; its importance in and integration with whole-body function.

All webinar attendees will receive a £25 discount coupon to the live “Time to Really Get Hip” Workshop, Sunday 19th February 2017, at Pure Body Balance, Gloucestershire (details here)

Join us on Thursday 17th November 20:00-21:30 GMT.

For more information or to book your ticket, click here.

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