Matt Wallden | The Core – Webinar
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The Core – Webinar



There has been little so pervasive and misunderstood in the fitness and health professional industries as the core, or “core stability“, as it has most commonly been described.

In the early days of the internet there were battles between the likes of Mel Siff and Paul Chek among others. Then, as more research began to arrive in the late 90’s, researchers such as Paul Hodges seemed to back up much of what Chek had been saying, while other researchers, such as Stuart McGill supported what Siff had been saying.

Finally, in 2006, Lederman published his “Myth of Core Stability” which was a total misunderstanding of everything that had been conveyed in conditioning and rehabilitation circles; yet it provided a get-out-of-jail card for those who didn’t have the willingness to actually do the study to understand it!  And to date, this little gem of misinformation is one of Elsevier’s most downloaded papers!

Quite incredibly, this misunderstanding is even prevalent today with some “elite” strength & conditioning coaches still not truly understanding the message or the physiology behind what was conveyed more than 2 decades ago.  Maybe it is time for some clarity.

Free with this webinar you will receive:

  • The Core (27 page article written as counterbalance to Mel Siff & Stuart McGill ptonthenet article)
  • Fundamentals of Core Conditioning (JBMT Editorial worth $32.50)
  • The Primal Nature of Core Function (JBMT Editorial worth $32.50)
  • The Middle-Crossed Syndrome (JBMT Editorial worth $32.50)
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