Matt Wallden | The Core – ptonthenet 2003
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The Core – ptonthenet 2003

The Core – article, 2003, ptonthenet

The story behind this article is that the famous Strength Coach, Academic and Author, Mel Siff, met up with the even more famous professor of clinical biomechanics, Stuart McGill some time in 2002 and decided, together, to pen an article for the website ptonthenet, which, at the time, was the biggest global site for Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals.

Their stance on the topic of the core was fairly well established; McGill, in particular, being globally renowned for his vocal perspective claiming that all the “noise” around the field of motor control that was emerging with great excitement from a group of Australian researchers from Queensland, was based on faulty premises.

Paul Chek was, at that point, ptonthenet’s most prolific and sought-after contributor and, knowing he would have a strong perspective on McGill’s and Siff’s damning article, they asked him to write a response. Paul was in the throes of writing his best-selling How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy book, so declined the offer, but asked me if I’d be up for giving it a crack… This, then, is the end result of that request – a job made all the more challenging by the fact that Mel Siff sadly died during the time I was writing my critique.

I later received a lovely email from one of the staff at ptonthenet to say, “This was our favourite article amongst the staff at ptonthenet, written under challenging circumstances. You were effective in politely annihilating the arguments of the Siff/McGill article.”

If that whets your appetite, then please enjoy browsing your way through the article on the link below!  And if you enjoy this information from 2003, you will really love our webinar from 2017 of the same title “THE CORE” available here.

The Core ptonthenet 2003