Matt Wallden | The Primal Dialectics – how to live a more primal lifestyle
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The Primal Dialectics – how to live a more primal lifestyle


Wednesday August 10th 20:00-21:30

To understand how something works it is important to understand how it is made and what it is made to do… once you have these two pieces of information, everything else starts to unravel.  Understanding the Primal Dialectics allows exactly this clarity.


To understand how human physiology works, it is key to understand where it evolved from, and what pressures it evolved to overcome.

Bizarrely, we have so much information about disease and illness that we have forgotten how to be healthy. Health comes from living in balance with the way our physiology has evolved to function optimally; and this is where the primal dialectics come in…

Learn more about how & why:

  • sleep-wake cycles can both make and break you,
  • how breathing patterns are not only about oxygenating tissues, but about providing drive and impetus,
  • eating and fasting cycles are key in optimising your biochemical and hormonal environment,
  • exercise and rest cycles allow you to both perform effectively and to maintain health
  • the evolution of species provides key insight into which are the most fundamental systems we need to optimise in health & performance
  • the embryological development also points to where priorities lay in realising human potential
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