Matt Wallden | Conscious Nutrition
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Conscious Nutrition

Conscious Nutrition

  • Challenges with stubborn weight?
  • Concerned about cholesterol?
  • Confused by which dietary advice to follow?
  • Struggling to shake off aches and pains?
  • Sick & tired of feeling sick & tired?
  • Allergies & hayfever?

Pop along to Greenwise next Thursday to get an understanding for:

– When and why alcohol can be good for you… and when to tame it

– Why a high cholesterol diet can be highly beneficial

– How full-fat options improve your health & reduce your risk of putting on weight


– When sugar is a help and when it’s a hindrance

– Whether organic is worth it, or GMO is better

– How a slice of toast could be your worst enemy

– How nutrition fits into a bigger picture of life

Matt Wallden, a leading holistic health practitioner* will draw on over 20 years of clinical experience to deliver an informative, insightful and free talk to answer all your nutritional questions on Thursday 6th July, for free at Fetcham’s Greenwise Wholefoods Shop & Cafe.

Join us for professional guidance and prosecco on Thursday!

Please feel free to post any questions you may have below, and Matt will do his best to answer them within the presentation or in the Q&A afterwards.

See you there!


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