Matt Wallden | GDPR notice: Bare, Buttocks & Breasts
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GDPR notice: Bare, Buttocks & Breasts

GDPR notice: Bare, Buttocks & Breasts

As you’re probably aware, GDPR is upon us, and so this page is here to serve as a thank you to all those who have signed up to be part of my tribe in the past, and to act as a taster to those who may like to sign up for future updates and events.

As a thank you, I am making one of my professional webinar series available for free through until Sunday 2nd June here.

The title, Bare, buttocks and breasts may be controversial, but the content should be thought provoking and informative.  I hope you enjoy it…

Any feedback is most welcome!

If the link doesn’t work in your browser, you can go direct to our Vimeo page here.

MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!  … if you’re keen to receive notices on future webinars, events or products  -and occasional useful health & performance tips – pop your details on the form below and we’ll stay in touch!  Thanks again.

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