Matt Wallden | Bare, Buttocks & Breasts
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Bare, Buttocks & Breasts


Buttocks and breasts are features that are almost unique to humans; but there are rationale for these features and how they may provide insight to our current state of health and performance.


To understand any function of the human body, it is always of great benefit to understand the human condition from the perspective of evolutionary pressures.

Studying sexual dimorphism in sports performance, and in the light of evolutionary biomechanical adaptations, points to the notion that both men and women are highly adapted for distance running.  Of course, from an evolutionary perspective, this was done barefooted, bare breasted and bare buttocked.  What are the ramifications of this in modern day? And what can such evolutionary insights offer us in terms of both biomechanical efficiency, and in general health and function?

Purchase of this product allows you access to the papers “Don’t get caught flat footed – how over-pronation may just be a dysfunctional model” and ”

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Bare, Buttocks & Breasts Webinar

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