Matt Wallden | Laterality & the Middle Crossed Syndrome – 2017 Power Series Webinar #3
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Laterality & the Middle Crossed Syndrome – 2017 Power Series Webinar #3


Connecting the clinical mismatches sometimes seen in upper and lower crossed syndromes, Matt Wallden provides insights into how laterality patterns may uncover a hitherto undescribed “middle crossed syndrome”…


When Vladimir Janda first presented the world with his observation of muscle imbalances it transformed the way clinicians would view the body.  However, Janda’s observations were all based around sagittal plane imbalances and largely ignored transverse plane imbalances.

With a keen interest in how laterality patterns affected patterns of injury, Matt has screened  every patient since he graduated 20 years ago for handedness and footedness; relating this back in to their postural findings and injury patterns.

In this webinar Matt will describe:

  1. The biomechanical patterns he has observed over the last 2 decades
  2. What the research says about laterality and handedness patterns
  3. What Janda was missing in his description of muscle imbalances: the “middle crossed syndrome”
  4. How to assess & correct these findings to minimise injury risk and optimise performance

Book here to to access the webinar, and you will receive a free copy of the papers:

  • “Laterality (2011)”,
  • “The Middle Crossed Syndrome – New Insights into Core Function (2014)”, and
  • “Assessing & Correcting the Middle Crossed Syndrome (2014)”

…by Matt Wallden, worth $31.50 each.