Matt Wallden | The Diaphragm – more than an inspired design
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The Diaphragm – more than an inspired design


There is arguably no other muscle in the human body that is so central, literally and figuratively, to our physical, biochemical and emotional health as the diaphragm. From its most obvious role in respiration, to its less obvious roles in postural stability, spinal decompression, fluid dynamics, visceral health and emotional regulation, the diaphragm has a repertoire of function that is broad by any muscle’s standards.


In this webinar, Matt explores the evolutionary and embryological development of the diaphragm and how this provides us with clues to its various roles in function and dysfunction.

From acid reflux to urinary incontinence, and from trapped emotions to VO2 max, the diaphragm is heavily involved many different functions; so any small deviation from optimal can have a dramatic impact on overall health & performance.

Join us on December 7th to learn how to identify how to spot dysfunction of the diaphragm, and what you can do about it.

Included free with this webinar are 2 papers Matt wrote for Elsevier’s Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies, worth $31.50 each:

  • The Diaphragm – more than an inspired design
  • Realising the benefits makes the benefits real

Book here to secure your place and download the papers now.


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