Matt Wallden | The Neutral Spine Principle
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The Neutral Spine Principle


Why is understanding the Neutral Spine important and helpful? Well, firstly, it’s a very functional movement skill used in both rehabilitating from, and preventing, pain or injury.  Additionally, it is a key foundation in learning to safely lift and to move more efficiently; optimising performance and reducing injury risk.

Ultimately, the neutral spine is a classic example of finding simplicity within the complexity; as you’ll in the see webinar!




Not without its controversies, the Neutral Spine Principle is so-called because it is a skill that is “principle” – it should come first before learning more complex movement patterns.  Just like any principle, it has its place, but is also just one of many principles in the performance and rehabilitation world. On its own, it is like any single tool in the toolbox; perfect for some jobs, kinda applicable to others and useless for others.  When combined with a broader, holistic awareness, the neutral spine principle will serve you and your clients as an excellent tool and skill you can call upon.

Before purchasing this video, it’s worth being aware that this same webinar comes as part of our Neutraliser Kit package; so, if you think you’d like the Neutraliser as a tool to help you and/or your clients develop the skill of maintaining a neutral spine, then take a look at that first to ensure you optimise your value!



Note: You will automatically receive the medical paper, “The Neutral Spine Principle“, written by Matt and published in the Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies. It is one of the journal’s most read papers, but is stuck behind a pay-wall, which means it costs $32.50 to read, but as a “student” of Matt’s (which you become when you purchase this webinar), we are contractually allowed to provide you with free access to the paper.



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