Matt Wallden | Time, Magick & Mastery Webinar
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Time, Magick & Mastery Webinar



EVERY important choice you make in life is determined by your perception of time.  Folk wisdom says that time is the great healer. Hinduism explains that time is the great destroyer.  The Buddha said “The trouble is, you think you have time”.  A mastery of time is the next step in human evolution… Perhaps we would do well to better understand time, what it is, what its effects are, how we best navigate our way through it.

Join me for this very special webinar on January 16th to help you plan, master and find your own magic in your upcoming year and beyond.  In this interactive event you will learn:

  • How persistent pain and time perception are reciprocally interdependent
  • Why your death is the most important thing in your life.
  • When time is NOT the great healer
  • How genius and time are conclusively bound?
  • How the principle of evolutionary acceleration points to an imminent dimensional shift
  • How sexual evolution gives us a glimpse into dimensional mastery
  • Why chaos is required for optimal performance

The futurist, Arthur C Clarke, said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Today’s futurists, such as Elon Musk and Yuval Noah Hurrari, predict that we are years (not decades) from A.I. coming “online” with its own version of consciousness that will be orders of magnitude greater than human intelligence… what does this mean for life on Earth?

To find out, join me on 16th January at 8-9:30pm UTC / 12pm Pacific, and receive access to the textbook where I first outlined the concept of Dimensional Mastery.

Here is a poem we were asked to write as 9 year olds on the topic “What is Time?” … reflecting on it knowing what I now know, it was intriguing to see how even a 9 year-old’s mind touches on some of the deeper conceptual topics we will be discussing in this webinar!

What is Time? from Matt Wallden on Vimeo.

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